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Friday, February 12, 2016

SWIIM® is the leader in integrated crop and water management.

The SWIIM® System is a software suite, instrumentation and remote sensing package that enables agricultural water users to optimize water rights, conserve water and increase net income for farm and ranch operations. We call it SWIIM®, or Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®. A blend of science and technology, SWIIM gives owners the opportunity to increase income by leasing a portion of their consumptive use water rights to municipalities, private industry and conservation groups, without compromising the underlying water right.

SWIIM provides an alternative to the non-sustainable, agricultural dry-up option. It has been academically tested and vetted by industry leaders. Designed to be an efficient and profitable solution for fresh water stakeholders, SWIIM uses a groundbreaking blend of technological capabilities to transform water rights into a valuable revenue stream.


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SWIIM Planner - Version 1.0

SWIIM Planner provides an easy-to-use graphics-based GIS interface and is designed for farmers, ranchers and other water right owners to optimize their farm income and water use.

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SWIIM Manager - Version 1.0

SWIIM Manager allows users to manage individual farms operating under the SWIIM Planner and is designed for ditch companies, irrigation districts and other entities that manage laterals and river systems. It integrates with field instrumentation, databases and remote sensing technologies to monitor and verify water savings and actual usage. It generates water use reports suitable for farmers, ditch management and state regulatory agencies to aid in monitoring and managing modified water use practices.

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